The DF Challenge

Dwarf Challenge (work in progress)

What happens when 5 different people are given the same start location, items and dwarves?  Do they churn out  stone mugs, and crafts?  Do they focus on meat and hides or maybe a productive textile industry?  We want to find out. 

The concept is to come up with an embark agreed upon by all and play independently of each other in our own ways.  The ultimate goal is to have the highest fort value after an arbitrary amount of time.  Along the way we’ll establish benchmarks for each year (e.g. who has the most food at the end of year 1).  The benchmark leader will get to make a decree all players must abide by for the following year (no exporting metal goods, no soldiers allowed to wear armor or some other silly thing).  The benchmark for the next year will also be set then (possibly the previous benchmark leader’s lowest “score” i.e. 0 fish means that the benchmark for the following year will be who harvests the most fish – details to be worked out). 

Embark rules:

One player will be designated as the save creator.  This person will create the embark based on the criteria agreed to by the rest of the players.  Additionally, each player will select one dwarf, and give that dwarf two skills.  Players are encouraged to communicate with each other so we don’t end up with  7 miners/masons.  Leftover points  will be divided up between the players to take whatever they think will be useful (e.g. anvil is traded in giving the team 1000 embark points, those 1000 will be divided among the players to acquire what they will, the embark-creator will abide by the insane whims of each player – again, communication between players is encouraged, but not required).  On points of contention, a vote will be called, majority rules (e.g. some want to play in a “haunted” zone, some don’t, vote carries the day).

General rules –

No save scumming – if you want to try something crazy and it fails with horrible consequences, live with it.  There is no way to enforce this, so be honorable.

If you find adamantine, you must share its location with the rest of the group.  Adamantine is so valuable it could easily sway the results if one player happened to get lucky.  All other gems, veins, etc. can be held as trade secrets or given as freely as the finder desires (perhaps to honorably lift up a player who has hit a string of bad luck). 

At the end of the year, each player will provide a short writeup summarizing any major challenges or events and how it effected their further development/strategy. 

More suggestions welcome.

Embark site criteria:


Year 1 Benchmark:


Game goal:

The player with the highest total fort value + export value at the end of the agreed upon time (say 10 years?) will be considered the winner and King Under the Mountain.  The winner gets full control over creating the embark for the next round. In this way the King sends out his vassals (or rebels) for the glory of his name.

Any other ideas?  Feel free to discus in the comments section.  All of the above “rules” are open for modification and voting.