Year 4. Part 2. Prosper! (and lots of pictures)

Autumn / Winter. Written by Gothbloodman. To be documented on the Imperial Scrolls of Honor.

The Autumn season started very well, as a Dwarven caravan came to trade. Our craftsdwarves and gemsetters had been hard at work creating trade goods, and it paid off. One item of interest was a Bauxite mug valued at 6233 crowns!

The Dwarven caravan also did not dissapoint. They brought many valuables including rare precious metals, stones,steel items to melt, much needed seeds, and fine foods! Both parties were satisfied with the trades.

Bomrek Tosidzareth constructed Healspeak, a magnite idol. Bomek then took the name Stonetooth and became a permanent craftsdwarf.

We had no migrants, however, we had several noteworthy familial events take place.

Masamune had a baby boy, named Murisame. Logem Erithrhshis had a baby girl (I was unable to attend the naming ceremony).

Also, our first 2 children have grown to become adults! They have been given the names Primus and Secundus.

As for noteworthy constructions, guard dogs were stationed by the main drawbridge. We spent much time, as Dwarves do, in the mines. We excavated 2 large veins of native gold, and found a little more adamantine.

We also spent our last few months constructing a well for the barracks.

Due to preexisting structures below the barracks, however, the water channel was dug in an… unorthodox… way. We tapped into the moat, and used a series of new flood gates to redirect the water.

Below is the current status of the levers.

As stated previously, lever A controls the drawbridge. The guard dogs are also visible in this picture.

Levers B and C control the flow from the moat to the well. (Note, B is open; C is closed. Opening both may (read: will) result in flooding.)

While filling the well, we found that water was flowing from the river too slowly. We thusly channeled a wider path to the river, and in our haste, forgot that this slow river-trickle was intentional so it could be blocked by flood gate X. While the gate still opens and closes… I believe it will do little do stem the flow of water. My apologies.

And as for that “other” lever… I’ve pulled it a few times out of curiosity… but I still don’t know what it does!

Two important note to my successor. First, below is a list of the requests left by the Dwarves on their last trade visit. The Elves and Humans left no request.

And second, late in the season, Fletcher was taken by a fey mood. Instead of taking over a workshop as expeceted, he now spends his days standing in the open air statue garden. He may need to be monitored.

Lastly, below are final statistics from my time at Helmsgorge.

A list of our prepared goods, ready for trade (I hope goblets are fashionable next season!):

List of raw materials. Note gold, adamantine, platinum, etc.

Our metal workers (myself included) were hard at work processing metals into usable bars:

As were our brewers providing an ample variety of drink:

Finally, a list of local nobles, showing their requirement status are met.

I have enjoyed my time as magistrate and look forward to prosperous seasons! Save located here

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  • Andu

    The link to the save is broke, but I figured it out. Thanks for the info Tom! I hope to have some updates this week!

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