Helmgorge Year 2


Spring comes and a farmer dwarf named “Esseffbee” tells me he’s handing me the reigns of this quaint little hole. I suppose being that I dug out most of Helmgorge they suppose I know the layout of this place, if only they knew. When my takeover was announced the carpenter threw a party to celebrate, he was the only one in attendance. My first order of duty was making the halls wider in this claustrophobic hell-hole. No more of this one by one single file business, we’re dwarfs and we must DIG.  Also there were several reports of the fishery and its unsanitary practices flooding the halls with stench.  A vent shaft was constructed to dispatch the stench and a grate placed over it to make sure a mountain goat or groundhog doesn’t find its way in.  Most of my year was dedicated to doing what I do best, digging. I was able to get everybody their own bedroom shortly after taking over, and put the mason and carpenter to work constructing beds, doors and tables. Spring was dedicated to digging, digging, and brewing of course.


Not long into the start of Summer, good news!

Migrants arrive, 21 in all. I once again put the carpenter and mason to work. Several useless migrants immediately start marching towards the sleeping chambers and fall asleep.  I decide to focus these extra dwarves on farming and manning the still, to create  a surplus of food.  A squad of 5 marksdwarves is drafted, and a shooting range build for them.  The rest will begin construction of a wall to surround our cave entrance.  Helmgorge is bloody full of Chert, so I put it to good use by walling us off from potential intruders.  To the east of the main entrance is a small plateau that looks to be the making of an excellent guard tower.  Apparently the previous caretaker also thought this, as an underground tunnel and stairs was thoughtfully planned.   I begin construction of more walls to turn the plateau into a large siege tower, capable of housing 20 or more marksdwarves and several ballistas.  Sometime in the middle of this some Elven merchants arrived and I summoned our “trader” along with some good to check it out.  Several days after he was requested, Esseffbee finally arrived at the caravan.  I’m not sure why it took him 2 days to move the mere 50 feet between the drunken party he was attending and the caravan, but he did make it.  We managed to persuade the elves that chert was in high demand and that stupid knick knacks made out of it would sell for quite a bit.  In exchange we got seeds, barrels and food.  A decent haul for a hungover tradesman.


Progress on the plateau is coming along well, and we’ve managed to secure ourselves from the outside with walls of chert and jet.  The plateau is nearly walled off as well, and many dwarves have taken to calling it the “kiltower”.

My mining partner Verling and I dig the channel for the moat with ease.  I have requested some floodgates be made so that in an emergency we can flood the channel and attempt to drown any person or thing that is foolish enough to attack us.  We also dig a secondary channel to allow the moat to be drained after battle so we can collect the bodies and equipment of our foes.  More migrants arrive with some terribly unneeded skills, but I am able to find work for them.  Most are farming or gathering seeds, others hauling rock to the plateau so my mason can finish construction of the wall.  The harvest in fall is good and food supplies are nearing an estimate of 600.  We have encountered no signs of danger from outside the fortress, only drunken brawls inside.


Most of my rudimentary defensive plans have been completed and my focus for the season is to attach levers to a control room for all of them.  It may be of note to whomever comes across them the order.  The westernmost lever controls our drawbridge, has been tested and functions well.  To the east of that lever controls the doors to the outside world, and they have also been tested to work.  Next we have the lever to control the western floodgate by the brook, which has been connected but not tested.  I regret not having the time to finish connecting the last lever to the eastern floodgate which would be responsible for draining our moat.

I have grown tired of trying to oversee this mess and am going to go back to what I do best, digging.  I wish luck to the next in line.  Before I resign my post, maybe a party?

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