Year 4. Expand!

Spring / Summer. Written by Gothbloodman. To be documented on the Imperial Scrolls of Honor.

I personally find these logs much too Human. Dwarves record in stone, not on paper! And besides, I am a Dwarf of action, not of writing!!!

Nevertheless, here is my report of the Spring and Summer seasons I spent as magistrate of Helmsgorge.

My caravan departed late. Brilliant start. I am the new magistrate, and I’m not even present! I was forced to use my +1 Orb of Clairvoyance to communicate my orders to the inhabitants of Helmsgorge.

First, the sad news. The fate of poor Michaelangelo. As I assumed command, I was notified Michaelangelo had already locked himself in a workshop and would not come out. Michaelangelo went stark raving mad, and eventually starved to death. Poor lad was given a proper burial, but I will not dwell on death.

I set to work on the living. Of the 68 remaining inhabitants, there were several violations of the Dwarven-occupation-naming-conventions-act. Some jobs and titles needed to be adjusted. And while bedrooms were dug and furnished by my predecessors, ownership was unclear. Hapfully, I was able to place every dwarf a room of their own.

Esseffbee, Alvis, and Coal Ash were to remain in their ‘noble positions’ for the time being, however, as they were complaining of acceptable-but-inadequate conditions, I gifted them each additional furniture and had their personal quarters engraved. As I did them this favor, I also set Esseffbee to keeping better records of stocks.

The Elves showed up with trade goods. Disappointment. The Elves brought only cloth! What am I to do with this??? Even still… we traded. We have reputations to maintain.

Finally, I, Dungeon Master Gothbloodman, arrived to Helmsgorge! Other migrants accompanied me. Our population was now 91.

I walked the halls making sense of the place. I’m a “Dungeon Master” and I’m sad to say the twisting turning catacombs were too confusing for even me to keep straight! Once everyone was settled in, and new jobs were assigned, I designated many areas dug out and cleared. My goal was to clear out some of these complicated nooks in favor of larger rooms, which should allow easier travel, more storage space, and more unity with workshop placement.

Reading Dar916’s report, I see a fallen mother, Fedor, was a master of wrestling. In her honor, the floor of the newly expanded barracks was embellished with her own ancient crest.

Next, I noticed that although there were several farm plots, we had only one variety of subterranean seed! New outdoor farms were planted.

I also saw several levers which could not escape my notice. After constructing back-up flood gates, I had to try them. Furthest to the left controls the drawbridge. Good to know. I have no idea what the second or last does, but the third links the stream to the moat. I like a moat better filled so that is the way it will stay for now.

An election was held. Bembul Zuntiretest was elected and was renamed “Diamond Joe.” He also took over Alvis’ rooms and property.

The Humans came to trade. They brought better goods then the Elves, but not much better. We traded for leather, and did manage to procure some exotic foods and liquors, as well as 2 anvils. The former should keep the lads happy while the latter will serve to expand our metal industry.

Stakud Kubukcog was struck by a mood. We feared he would follow in Michaelangelo’s fate. In the end, his Dwarven guile won the day. Stakud completed “Farimatch” a masterwork toy boat. He was then renamed “Rockbiter” and joined the craftsdwarves full time.

In late summer, the final noteworthy event happened. A pair of miners, Verling and Pickman, struck raw adamantine!

The event was very exciting. So exciting, in fact, that Pickman had her baby girl on the spot! She was named Pickgirl. There was much rejoicing.

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