First Impressions…


Forgive my familiarity, but I simply had to write in gratitude for this assignment. The sun sets and I see what must be the walls of Helmgorge half-a-day’s march to the south. The site appears defensible, fertile and well-founded.

The approach to Helmgorge inspires. I can only imagine how the steep cliffs stimulate our masons to build stout walls; how the valley, verdant and lush arouses the passion of our craftsdwarves and moves them to stone-carved virtuosity; and how the rivers perfectly cut paths through the mountains could stir a miner to dig harder and deeper. Even my untrained nose can smell the chert and bauxite riding the breeze through the canyon. It is enough to make me wish these hands wielded chisels and files, instead of axe and shield; that my eye was trained to engrave stone and not skulls… But Armok makes us as he will and we are who we are.

Lo, a caravan approaches…

They were human. I spoke with their leader, who is named Tsevon, and informed him of my new charge. A hearty laugh escaped his lips, and he ordered a fresh cask of his best Eastern Dry Ale tapped on the spot. He and his men toasted my new appointment and he insisted I drink much. I did partake in the customary three flagons, but prudence stayed my otherwise hearty appetite for fine beer. When his men emptied the cask, Tsevon bid me the manifold blessings of Armok with a sincerity I could not doubt and he tossed me a small trinket crafted from Helmgorge. I bid him Armokspeed as he led his people on and hope this meeting foreshadows our future trade relations. I feel girded by the genuine sentiment of Tsevon’s well-wishes and by this I can only assume that Helmgorge is a fort as worthy as its surroundings.

In closing, I suspect the transition to overseer will take time, but I shall send reports as soon as I am able.

Dutifully yours,

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