Welcome to Helmgorge!

Welcome to Helmgorge, lads! Strike the earth and all that nonsense. Helmgorge, a remote outpost mandated by the Azuzthlothin royalty and organized by the land allocation authority is billed as a grand new adventure, a way to explore the world, earn riches beyond imagination and to prove your merit and rise through the ranks of nobility. Some of us believe this and some of us think this is a load of bullocks.

The reality is this. Helmgorge is in the middle of nowhere, the proverbial armpit of Ospazosmlo. The nearest civilization is days if not weeks away and is a sorry bunch of dwarves living in tatters who call themselves “The Blockaded Theater.” God knows what their trading caravans will come with. At least our glorious clan calls themselves “The Channels of War” – a name everyone at Helmgorge should embrace. The only blessing the overseers of this spit of land have is that their tour is for a mere year and hopefully they get to move on. Well, here’s to your first year!


  • Your turn is one game year, from spring to spring – as soon as you get the season change notice for spring save the game. You’re done. Save it, zip up the data/save folder and email it to the next guy.
  • You have a week to play that year. If you can’t finish in a week we might let the next person play your turn, or start where you left off if possible.
  • Only unfixable mistakes will result in a reset (funkstrong flooding the sleeping area with magma while everyone’s napping.) Otherwise we’ll try and take on whatever problems the previous overseer left us.
  • No upgrading versions to DF2010 unless all the BS bugs are fixed.
  • Anything goes building wise during your turn.

Initial Rotation

  1. sfb
  2. funkstrong
  3. dar
  4. gothbloodman
  5. andu

Playing With

Dwarf Fortress 40d






Captain Duck’s Tutorials

After Action Report

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