This is the end…

As quickly as winter game, I was struck by a heavy fever.  I was bedridden for days, with people bringing in slaughtered felines and as much clean water as they could.  I knew I could pull through it, but I could only feel my successor coming closer and closer.  I quickly solidified myself as a peasant among the working class and began hauling wood and miasma.  I encountered the queen again, and she was saying… something…

Although I could tell her mental capacity was fading, physically she still looked strong.  I kept my nose down and kept assisting the masons in finishing the quarters for the fortress.  In my year here, we have constructed meager quarters for nearly 80 dwarves, including special quarters for five dwarves.  I really wish I could have satisfied the queens needs, but to no avail could we not and she went mad. In the following week, the queen went missing.  Finally, the Baroness Isak found her, and it was not pleasant.

I hated to tell everyone that I saw it coming, but there just wasn’t anything we could do for Freddie.  A lot of the folk placed offerings in her room.  I decided not to assign it to anyone and let everyone use it’s majesty.  There was no sign of a replacement, so I decided to hold the room until there was one.

Afar in the distance, we all could see it coming.  A titan of immense size was approaching.  I set the military in motion, alerting everyone to it’s presence.   Most of the dwarves seemed ready, but I wasn’t sure if they were.  We had fended off the occasional thief and snatcher, but nothing of the titan’s size.

As it came through the gate, none of the men appeared.  Some of the war dogs stalled it, but they got turned to mush. All of the military just stood back and sent our champion: Hulk Hogan

They stood toe-to-toe, giving each other the thousand-yard stare that I had only heard about. Then it happened:

In a matter of moments, our champion demolished the Titan.  It wasn’t even close. He grabbed his right arm and threw him down with force we as a fortress had never seen. We were in awe when a goblin tried to run in and steal a child.  Hulk took care of it with immense bloodlust.

The blood from the titan hadn’t stopped running down the drawbridge when Ingish became possessed by the brute force that Hulk Hogan had displayed that day.

They trolled like a zombie to the leatherworks and set upon the mystery item of doom…

Ingish worked feverishly through the night and day for four straight days.  I could see the sweat coming out of the workshops, so I commissioned the miners to clear out some space.  I also told the mason to pave the floor in increase efficiency in the area. Alas, it was brought upon us:

I honestly didn’t know its purpose, but it was another great creation by out fortress. Although I came in very tentative about the experience, I felt everything went as well as it could! I began to fade into the population, in the hopes my coming successor would not try to find and remove me from command.  I did not need another battle at this point.

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