Thieves and Dyers


“Yeah, that’s me.”

“Thank Armok I found you.  Here is some mail for the colony.  You don’t realize how happy this makes me!”

“Why?” As I look around at the majesty of Helmgorge

“Because now I can get out of here…  You are in the asshole of the world!”

Such a weird man from the human caravan.  Unfortunately we were unable to trade for any of the things needed by Erush.  Hopefully she pulls through with what we have.  We were able to acquire some raw metals and some dwarven wine.  A few different dwarves tried to strike deals with the humans before Ess Eff Bee appeared and made things right.

We put in a request for some charcoal for our glass factory and some more alcohol, because there is never enough for the incessant partying that happens here.

As much deliberation, Ess Eff Bee and the humans were able to compromise on the following structure:

They bid us farewell and we were glad to see them leave with our toys and mugs.  Well, hopefully they’ll be back…

During the trading, the miners who were working on the new tombs for the noble enclave struck a few new goodies for our dwarves to use.  Also, Andre The Giant gave birth to a new baby boy!  Of course someone organized a party at the chert table to recognize this event.

There were some rampant Rhesus Macaque running about the fort, stealing some pretty worthless crap.  Once they started taking bolts, the military caught on and they were scared away.

We were brought some sad news.  One of the peasants working with Erush found her drowned in a pool of weird liquids.  We tried our best to appease her needs, but we did not have the time to wrangle everything together.  We will mourn in celebration, as we always do.

We heard one of the guard dogs through our mourning and ran upstairs.  There was a kobold lurking about, trying to get in.  Apparently we scared him away, because he ran to the west and never came back.  I heard a loud collective “aww, shucks” from the WWF crew.

In happier news, Thob gave birth to a baby boy!  That is two for the summer.  I guess something was in the water!

As I had the dwarves working on the new tombs for the nobility, creating literally hundreds of masterpieces, Freddie fucking Mercury decided it just wasn’t enough and blew her lid in the statue garden.  Many dwarves were scared away and could be near the usually social and kind queen.  I told everyone to keep their distance and maybe time would settle her.  I also talked to the mayor to see if he could call a meeting, but all he could call was the next drink from the kegs…

Thankfully, Freddie calmed down quickly and everything came back to normal.  In the meantime, Isak decided to mandate goods we cannot create, aluminum widgets. Hopefully in our excavations we can find some of this precious metal…

In the waning days of summer, I wandered around the fortress and found the hoary marmot that one of the marksdwarves shot.  Other than the kobold, things have been pretty quiet.  Hopefully autumn continues to bring prosperity and weird demands to Helmgorge.

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