Up the river

I was being escorted by dwarven skiff up the C’thor’s River towards Helmgorge.  I could feel its presence.  The rest of the crew was headed to N’benland. The madness had spread throughout the countryside.  Weird beard rituals were exchanged and I hiked my way into the fortress.  Upon my arrival, I was strangely greeted by Gothbloodman, who muttered something about wrestlers, toys, and levers.  I took everything down in hopes to gain some sort of control of the situation.

Turns out these bastards were digging their way to the other side of the world.  I could see levels and levels of planned excavation.  The raw Adamantine does not favor us.  Please Armok, spare us.

‘One-Arm’ Cattenegast gave birth to a baby girl!  Thankfully it did not come out wielding an ax…

Stonetooth is a master of masterpieces.  He has created five of the damn things.  Hopefully they will stave off the demons…

In early spring, the miners have been productive.  We have hit: Magnetite, Jet, Carnelian, and Bituminous Coal.

Hopefully with these newly acquired resources we can build something to trade to the caravans.  We are in need of seeds and other oddities for the population.  Over 10% sits idle and I need to keep their minds off of what I know:  It can’t stay quiet for long…

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