DF Challenge – discussion and ideas

Talk about your embark and rule ideas here.

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  • Gothbloodman

    I love this idea!

    While I would like to reaffirm my official “down like a clown” status for ANY challenge, I personally, propose the following embark conditions:

    2 picks
    1 axe
    1 anvil
    33 booze (11 of 3 different types; not dwarven wine)
    30 seeds (5 of each type)
    22 meat (11 turtle / 11 cave lobster) (only if these meats are 2 each. If not, use different meat types)
    11 plump helmets
    4 animals (either 2 cats/ 2 dogs or 4 dogs)

    This should equal 1568 points.

    It takes 490 points to max each dwarf with 2 skill.

    If my math is right, this should leave 2 points.

    As for dwarf skills, I am fine with either each participant setting skills for one dwarf, or some sort of agreed upon balanced mix.

  • dar

    I had another idea for the embark. Maybe instead of of trying to do lots of coordinating (which could take time to hammer out details). Each person submit an embark proposal (similar to what Goth just did) and after everyone wants to, has submitted a proposal, we vote on them.

    An example would be:
    Mountainous start location with abundant wood and flux. Don’t care about magma. Embark will be heavy on animals and meat industry.

    My proposal:
    SHIPWRECKED! You set off to settle in the land of milk and honey. You were supposed to be the 3rd wave of migrants bringing luxury items, but a hurricane whipped your ship off course and into some rocks. Only seven dwarves survived, but by Armok’s will a decent amount of supplies washed ashore with you. It looks like you are stuck. Strike the earth or perish!

    Island start (or seaside if islands aren’t in the world or very bad starts). I’d avoid aquifers, indifferent to magma. In addition to essentials (picks and an axe) I figure i’d bring a mish-mash of seeds and food and draft animals. No weapons but maybe a big pile of leather or cloth or some other exotic, somewhat worthless good(representing the luxury items you were bringing to your supposed new home). Anvil will probably be left out unless it appears there is no way to acquire one (It seems unlikely that an anvil would make it to shore after a shipwreck).

  • Gothbloodman

    So to amend mine to dar’s proposal (which I like), I’d call mine “true settlers.” A team of well prepared dwarves migrate from their homes in search of new wealth. It may be a softball setup, but we can try this first for experience, and if we have fun, move on to more exotic themes.

  • admin

    Mine would be called “Gulag” A group of 7 dwarven prisoners are sent to a remote labor camp in either a highly evil or savage outpost. Turns out its much worse than they could imagine and they are abandoned there as a total loss. As many dwarves as possible will be fitted with picks and axes. The general theme of the embark is that “it wasn’t supposed to be long term”. Fewer seeds, more food, no anvil, etc.

  • Gothbloodman

    After much deliberation, we decided to go with the default embark settings. As for location, we found a nice plot of land on the slopes of a mountain. There is a valley in the south west with a river. There is a mountain pass to the east and some very tall peaks to the north east. The map has trees, vegetation, and flux… sounds like paradise to me. Wolverines. Let’s ride!

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