This is the end…

As quickly as winter game, I was struck by a heavy fever. I was bedridden for days, with people bringing in slaughtered felines and as much clean water as they could. I knew I could pull through it, but I could only feel my successor coming closer and closer. I quickly solidified myself as a […]

Autumn has come, but what has it brought?

As the leaves began to change at Helmgorge, so did the moods of many of the dwarves. Many of the couples were expecting new additions to our colony. I hope that some new migrants will come to freshen up the place. Still, we have seen little of the ever-present enemy in the wilderness. Our only […]

Thieves and Dyers


“Yeah, that’s me.”

“Thank Armok I found you. Here is some mail for the colony. You don’t realize how happy this makes me!”

“Why?” As I look around at the majesty of Helmgorge

“Because now I can get out of here… You are in the asshole of the world!”

Such a weird man from […]

Welcome to the fortress, brother

The kobolds don’t take R&R. They are happy to eat some rat meat and steal off into the jungle. Thankfully they haven’t came to Helmgorge to feed. But they are out there, lurking, waiting for the time to strike. In the meantime, it was late spring and I was accosted by someone that I […]

The journey continues…

In order to keep the population on the task, I had them smoothing out some walls and planning for some more bedrooms in the lower realms (z141). It was around that time the Elven Caravan decided to stop by and try to pawn their wooden wares. I told the boys to round up all of […]

Up the river

I was being escorted by dwarven skiff up the C’thor’s River towards Helmgorge. I could feel its presence. The rest of the crew was headed to N’benland. The madness had spread throughout the countryside. Weird beard rituals were exchanged and I hiked my way into the fortress. Upon my arrival, I was strangely greeted by […]

The fortress grows darker…

WaxedLetters, shit. I’m still only in WaxedLetters. Every time I think I’m going to wake up back in the fortress. When I was home after my first tour, it was worse. I’d wake up and there’d be nothing… I hardly said a word to my dwarven bride until I said yes to a divorce. When […]

Year 4. Part 2. Prosper! (and lots of pictures)

Autumn / Winter. Written by Gothbloodman. To be documented on the Imperial Scrolls of Honor.

The Autumn season started very well, as a Dwarven caravan came to trade. Our craftsdwarves and gemsetters had been hard at work creating trade goods, and it paid off. One item of interest was a Bauxite mug valued at 6233 […]

Year 4. Expand!

Spring / Summer. Written by Gothbloodman. To be documented on the Imperial Scrolls of Honor.

I personally find these logs much too Human. Dwarves record in stone, not on paper! And besides, I am a Dwarf of action, not of writing!!!

Nevertheless, here is my report of the Spring and Summer seasons I spent as […]

Winter – Fates and Choices – Year 3


The new administrator has arrived. I am spent and relieved.

They say that once engraved, steel never forgets. No amount of heating, hammering or melting can remove the essence of what it records. This is why ancestral weapons are considered the finest and why cursed blades given as ‘gifts’ are the greatest insult. Recent […]